WhatsApp New AERO MOD With New Features

A FREE messaging and video calling programmed is WhatsApp from Meta. More than 2 billion individuals in more than 180 nations utilize it. You can effortlessly stay in touch with your friends and family since it is straightforward, dependable, and confidential. Even with sluggish connections, WhatsApp works on desktop and mobile devices, and there are no monthly costs*.

Main Features of Whatsapp

  • A global private messaging service

Your private calls and communications to loved ones are end-to-end encrypted. Not even WhatsApp can read or listen to your communications if they are private.

  • Immediately available simple and secure connections

No user names or logins are required; all you need is your phone number. You may instantly browse the WhatsApp users among your contacts and begin communicating.

  • High-quality conversations across voice and video

Make free* secure voice and video conversations to up to 8 people. Even on sluggish connections, your phone’s Internet connectivity allows you to make calls to other mobile devices.

  • Group chats to stay in touch

Keep in touch with your loved ones. You can exchange messages, pictures, videos, and documents between desktop and mobile devices using end-to-end encrypted group chats.

  • Keep in touch in real time.

Only individuals in your private or group conversation will be able to see your location, and you can stop sharing at any moment. Alternately, leave a voicemail to connect immediately.

  • Share every day moments using Status

You can share text, image, video, and GIF updates using Status, but they vanish after 24 hours.

Use Your Own Wallpapers

Install and open WhatsApp Messenger. Start a discussion with a buddy. Select Menu > WallPaper > WhatsApp.

Auto Reply Included

Easy Turn On Turn on auto reply with a single touch; no additional configuration is necessary.

  • The Contact Page

Always pick who you want to send an automatic response to.

  • Support Teams

We support groups, and your messaging app’s WhatsAuto may send auto replies to any groups.

  • Keep all messengers running

We work with all widely used social messaging platforms. You can send auto replies to any social messaging applications with only this one app.

  • Develop Your Bot

More easily than with any other programme in the world, you may create your own chat bot. Building your bot no longer requires technical expertise.

  • Backup

You may always restore your backups of your bot messages from Google Drive or the storage on your phone.

  • Smart Response

Adjust the response time. WhatsAuto may be configured to send auto replies repeatedly, with a time delay, or just once.

  • Schedule

Set a timer to automatically switch WhatsAuto on and off so that it can respond to incoming messages. When it is beyond business hours, you can use this service.

  • Operating Mode

AI-powered tool that manages all of your incoming communications by letting them know you’re driving and can determine when you’re driving. Avoid collisions and drive without hassles.

Form up With New Stickers and Emojis

😊 Amazing Whatsapp Stickers are available from StickersOK (Wasticker), along with interesting GIFs that will surprise your loved ones and entertain you with unique animations. With a few clicks, you may quickly and completely for free diversify your WhatsApp stickers while enjoying all the advantages of Wasticker. Our stickers include a variety of amusing and adorable emoji in addition to flowers and love. Send any WhatsApp chat your new animated stickers.

Stickers and GIFs with an intuitive interface

Our advantage is that we have GIFs accessible for several social media sites, like viber, telegram, twitter, Instagram, and others, in addition to static stickers for WhatsApp. All packs are arranged into categories that are appropriate for any tastes. With animated emoji and other new tools, you can now communicate your sentiments and emotions. Your communications will be enhanced with adorable emoticons.

🤩 Every common sort of stickers

The app includes a wide variety of cute and amusing emoji. We have packs with kids, hearts, toys, kittens, pets, and birthday, Christmas, and new year’s greetings in 2022. Additionally, you may get stickers for specific occasions as well as common ones like “good morning” and “good night” (Christmas, New Year 2022). You and your friends will be delighted by Wasticker for a number of reasons. There are many lovely packs with a love theme available. Your loved ones will be delighted by the pretty blooms and sweet stickers.

Advantages of the app

This program may be downloaded without cost. You may share StickersOK Wasticker with your friends after downloading it. You may communicate your affection with a WhatsApp message using simple romantic stickers. Flowers like roses and other lovely blooms will make the receivers happy. Animated emoticons will make you grin, and cute emoji will make pleasant communication even more entertaining. Stickers will make it easier to communicate those feelings that are tough to articulate. We will also be introducing fresh stickers and GIFs. In the future, we also hope to expand the application’s capabilities. Right now, you have the chance to profit from these advantages.

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