Top 5 Proven Weight Loss Apps for Android

Top 5 Proven Weight Loss Apps for Android

One of the hardest things about weight loss is sticking to a plan that you created for yourself. There are many distractions in life that can take your focus away from this goal. One of these distractions may be your phone, but luckily there are some great apps out there that will keep you on track! In this blog post, we’re going to talk about 10 of the best Android weight loss apps available today. So get your phone out and let’s start losing weight!

1: Lose It :-

Lose It is a fun, easy to use calorie counter for weight loss. You can easily set up custom goals in this app so you know how much calories you need to eat each day based on the goals that you have created for yourself. The food database is huge with over five million items available within it. This makes finding new foods very simple when trying to stick to healthy eating habits. There are also some great features in this app such as recipe builder which allows users to create recipes from scratch or by searching through the extensive food database . If exercise is part of your plan then there’s no problem because Lose It has got an entire section dedicated just for logging workouts ! There is a huge variety of exercise options available in this app. Lose It will even calculate the number of calories burned from your workouts!


2: My Diet Coach :-

My Diet Coach is another great weight loss app for Android that has been extremely popular among users. This app focuses on providing you with all kinds of motivation to help keep you going when it comes time to lose those extra pounds and inches . You can add friends who are also using My Diet Coach which allows each user to compete against each other and try and reach their goal faster than one another . There’s also daily workout videos included within this app so getting fit never gets boring! Another unique feature about My Diet Coach is its large food database containing over three million items , images, and barcodes ! You can also log your water intake and even set up custom foods if you don’t want to use the preloaded items.


3: Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker :-

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker is another popular weight loss app for Android devices that we just had to include in our top ten list! This is one of those apps that has a ton of great features available but still manages to be extremely simple and easy to use. The interface within this app is very slick and stylish which will make using it more enjoyable than some other similar apps on the market. There’s an entire section dedicated to logging workouts so working out never gets boring either! We also love how there are over eight million different food options included with this diet tracker, so finding new meals or snacks won’t ever be a problem!

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