Shotgun Farmers Codes

Shotgun Farmers Unlock Codes (Profile Badges/Headgears/Secret Skins)

Shotgun Farmers is an online multiplayer shooter game that allows players to fire bullets into the ground to plant ammo. With its fantastic graphical effects, it has gained popularity among players who love indie games. But some of the players might not know that by using a valid code, which means using a code with valid information, Players can unlock various kinds of items such as profile badges and headgears to make their gameplay more enjoyable. At this time, this game is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox, and Ps4. You can check out the official website of shotgun farmers.

All Shotgun Farmers Codes:

You’ve come to the right place for all the latest Shotgun Farmers active codes for code 2020. We have all the latest profile badges and other amazing items for you to get when you redeem them in-game.

You can also use this Shotgun Farmers list to level up in the shotgun farmers game. This is a quick and easy way to improve your skills. It provides information on codes that you can use to get profile badges and other great things. It is a fast, easy, and fastest way to level up in the Shotgun Farmers game!

Shotgun Farmers Secret Game Codes List:

We have a list of the latest codes for The Shotgun Farmers, which you can check out on our website. Be sure to keep bookmarking this page and check back regularly to get more Shotgun Farmers free Rewards. Buy Shotgun Farmers now on the steam-powered store.

There are a lot of things in life that can activate Shotgun Farmers codes that can be exchanged for free profile badges, headgears, and more exclusive items. The first thing that will get you started is to add the code to your like and follow the instructions. Once you have followed the instructions, there will be a community area where you can ask for a code and receive rewards. The second step is to add Shotgun Farmers on social media and follow their instructions. After following their instruction, there will be opportunities to gain codes for free profile badges, skins, headgears, and more exclusive items by using social media.

Here is the list of all the secret game codes for this game.


  • z0mbear unlocks a z0mbear headgear.

Profile Badges

  • tiktokbok this code unlocks a chicken profile badge (I am Bok Bok).
  • tiktokmoo this code unlocks a cow profile badge (I am Moo Moo).
  • tiktokneigh this code unlocks a horse profile skin badge (I am Neigh Neigh).
  • tiktokoink this code unlocks a pig profile badge (I am Oink Oink).
  • tiktokkaw this code unlocks a crow profile badge (I am Kaw Kaw)

More Badges to Unlock

  • Carrocket: 250 Carrocket Launcher Kills
  • Anniversary 2018: 1 Anniversary Match Played
  • Anniversary 2019: 1 Anniversary Match Played
  • Bun Bun: 20 Easter Matches Played
  • Bombkin: 1 Halloween Match Played
  • Survivor: 1 Horde Wave Survived
  • Cornstalker: 5 Horde Waves Survived
  • Juggstalker: 30 Horde Waves Survived
  • Wolf Hunter: 32 Horde Waves Survived
  • Master Survivor: 50 Horde Waves Survived
  • Pumpkrow: 10 Halloween Matches Played
  • Christmas Tree: 1 Winter Match Played
  • Santa Hat: 1 Winter Match Played
  • Snowman: 5 Winter Matches Played
  • Gift Box: 10 Winter Matches Played
  • Mistletoe: 15 Winter Matches Played
  • Candy Cane: 20 Winter Matches Played

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