Scholly College Scholarships App Review

Scholly: Finding College Scholarships Easier

Steps: Scholly is an app that helps you find the best scholarships for college. Scholly has partnered with organizations like the Gates Foundation, College Board, and Sallie Mae to provide a comprehensive list of all scholarship opportunities available to students. Scholly also features personalized advice from Scholly’s team of experts on how to maximize your chances of winning! Scholly makes it easy for you to find scholarships by matching your interests and preferences so you can focus on what matters most: getting into college!

In just a few minutes through their step-by-step guide, students are able to create detailed profiles about themselves including academics information (grades), extracurricular activities, skills they have or want to learn, leadership positions in clubs or organizations, and much more. Scholly then uses this information to recommend the scholarships you are eligible for!

Scholly is a one-stop-shop that not only helps students with their scholarship search but also provides them with support once they’ve won. Scholly keeps track of all deadlines so you never miss out on an opportunity as well as offers advice on how to ace your interview after submitting your application materials!

If you’re struggling in college because of a lack of money, join Scholly today and find the right opportunities for yourself – it’s free!

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