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50 Original And Romantic Dating Ideas For Couples



Fall in love is the best feeling in the world. No one can enjoy and can not make his or her life beautiful without love. Love demands to be felt and the peoples who find true love are the luckiest one as they live and die for their loving souls.

Best Romantic Dating Ideas For Couples

Here are some dating ideas to pamper the love of your life.

1. Mini road trip

Get out of the fast-paced routine and city traffic and drive somewhere you want to meet together. It can be a magical town, a nature reserve, a park, or an antique market. Your destination should not necessarily be close either, remember that the time you spend on the journey can also be enjoyed in a big way.

2. Drive-in cinema

If you are looking for a more vintage mood, go back to the 60s and enjoy a romantic date and yesteryear at the drive-in. Open the trunk and turn it into a VIP room with blankets, cushions, and sweets.

3. Picnic

There is no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a checkered tablecloth, a basket with delicious snacks, and a good wine. They will enjoy your company like never before and will enjoy nature to the fullest. Make your picnic as gourmet as you like and include exquisite delicatessens, remember that this is a special date.

4. Boardgame night

Perfect for laughing, sharing childhood memories, and enjoying a few glasses of wine. It will be extremely fun and they will be able to talk about everything they cannot in their daily routines. Sometimes the greatness of a plan is in its simplicity.

5. Visit a dog shelter

Nothing brightens a day more than the dogs, and if it is about puppies, not to mention. If you are animal lovers and with a noble heart, go for a walk to some dog shelter for adoption and get to know them all. In one of those, they end up in love with one and adopt him.

6. Theater Evening

The theater is a great alternative to a movie night, it will be something refreshing for both of you and very enriching. Let yourself be captivated by the setting and characterization of the work; It doesn’t matter if they like comedy, drama or musicals, there are options for everyone.

7. Walk until you find a romantic and cozy restaurant that nobody knows

In Mexico, many neighborhoods lend themselves to walking for hours under beautiful bougainvilleas, tall trees, and among incredible shops. Enter everyone who catches your attention and once they are hungry choose a new place for both of them where they can dine.

Tip:   Order the house specialty, nothing speaks better of a restaurant than its star dish.

8. Dance Class

If you are looking for something more active for the day of love, you can sign up for a dance class together. There is no better way to get to know each other more intimately than with a good Tango or Salsa as a couple.

9. Do it yourself as a couple

Surely one of the two has a frustrated do-it-yourself project for the house or a gift. Take time and do it together, it will be something different and a lot of fun. Pinterest can give you many ideas of where to start.

10. Shop for your partner

Buy those pants that have been trying to get your partner to buy for months and the sunglasses that you don’t dare buy. And let yourself be surprised by the fashion sense of your special someone. When you exchange, use what you have given each other.

11. Re-create your first date

A little nostalgia and memories will make your Valentine perfect. Go back to a nice restaurant for some kind of hot recipe or go out for skating to make your first date memorable. It will be very nice to see how they have evolved and all the things they have gone through together.

12. Parachute jump

Adrenaline and love are one of the best combinations there is. Plan for an outing to do something amazing together and it will be the best time, you will always remember. Remember to take lots of photos and videos to keep as memories of a day of unique love.

13. 5-course dinner

Choose 5 different restaurants and order a single dish of one time in each one. The result of the cooking mix will be something new and you will have fun moving from restaurant to restaurant.

14. Cook in secret

Go to the supermarket separately and buy everything you need to cook for each other. While at home, divide your kitchen to prepare something delicious and prepare a dish, you can make in the best way. Each cooks a plate for their partner, but they can not share anything until they are fully ready.

15. Hot air balloon ride

This date is for the most romantic and willing to take a little risk. You will find beautiful landscapes from the heart of the sky and it will a beautiful romantic moment to enjoy alone at the top.

16. Spa for couples

If you are a couple in constant stress from work, children, or any other reason, take the opportunity to escape for a whole day to your favorite spa and ask. A good massage will leave them in a perfect state of relaxation so that the nerves never affect their relationship.

17. Ice skating

It may sound a little cliche, but you won’t regret it. It will probably be a great challenge for some or both, so doing it together will be ideal for learning if you don’t know. Going out, take advantage to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate.

18. Dinner on the heights

A unique experience that takes you to dinner in a restaurant floating in the air, offering food of the highest quality. You can see how they cook and enjoy panoramas like movies.

19. Riding a bicycle

The perfect date for active couples who enjoy the outdoors: rent a bike in Polanco or some other neighborhood of your choice. Stroll through the streets and end your tour in an acute and rustic cafe, the perfect ending.

20. Camping

If you want to be eco-friendly on this date and still have a romantic experience, consider looking for a forest where you can camp for one or two nights. Don’t forget to see the stars at night and enjoy a show that we don’t enjoy in cities.

21. Glamping

If you want to camp, but don’t want to lose the glamor and level it up a bit, you and your partner have to try glamping. They will have a tent full of luxuries, delicious food and we assure you that each moment will be more romantic than the last.

22. One night in a hotel

Enjoy your company to the fullest and alone spending the night in a hotel in the city. Ask for Room-Service, decorate the room with your favorite music and you will not have any excuse to leave the room.

23. Night at a motel

For those who are a little more daring and want their Valentine to be something very different and playful, choose to stay one night in the sexiest motel in the city.

24. Netflix Night

Make a lot of popcorn, a bed with lots of pillows, and spend an entire day watching a series or many movies together. Perfect to see those movies that want to see for years, but never succeed.

25. Rent a nearby Airbnb

Experience renting with this amazing page that finds places that satisfy all your needs and whims. Go somewhere nearby and touristy and get to know every corner that you have to discover together.

26. Beach break

If you are so lucky to live near a beach take advantage of it and escape a couple of days to spend by the sea. Bring something to eat, your favorite wine, and a bathing suit. They will enjoy the sea, their company, and the sun, making their day of love one of the best they have ever had.

27. Museum day

Mexico City is the city with the most museums in the world; unfortunately very few enjoy them. Share a different Valentine and go to the museums that interest you the most, you will see how interesting it can be.

28. Jazz night

Change a night in a club or bar to a night of pure jazz. Many places offer you to enjoy this wonderful genre live accompanied by delicious typical New Orleans food. We recommend Puebla 109 in the Roma Norte neighborhood.

29. Mini golf

The difficult first date is more fun than everyone thinks about it. Spending a day at miniature golf is extremely fun and surely because it is a cliche they have not. They will feel part of a romantic comedy.

30. Ice cream and walking

When was the last time you had a date as simple as going for ice cream and walking around while you talk about your most intimate secrets and enjoy your favorite ice cream? Get back to basics and fall in love one more time.

31. Bath in tub

Make good use of the tub that has been abandoned for months and spend all day in it. Nothing like a hot bath with foam, strawberries, sparkling wine, your favorite bath salts, and your partner.

32. Home massage

If you want to stay indoors and enjoy food from home, you can also have a small spa. Ask one or a masseuse to come to your house so that both of you can enjoy a massage without leaving your room.

33. Bar-hopping

The variety of themed bars, specialties, and spectacular terraces in the city is huge. Do a little research and choose your 5 favorite bars, they should be close to each other so that you can visit them all the same day. There are perfect neighborhoods for this type of appointment, in Nupcias we recommend Condesa, Roma, and Escandón.

34. Brunch

Wake up late, leisurely, and enjoy a delicious brunch that many hotels in the city and the surrounding area offer. It is perfect for weekends because you can have breakfast and eat yourself.

35. Stand-up comedy

Spend a Valentine full of laughter and laughter on a stand-up comedy. Prepare to be the taunt of the night for being a happy and in love couple.

36. Fair day

Go back to your childhood and go to an amusement park to spend the day of love. Take photos, eat cotton candy, and hop on all your favorite games. Of course, he has to put all his effort into the skill games to earn you the biggest stuffed animal in the whole park.

37. Day in bed

Another date for those who have a crazy daily life and prefer to spend Valentine’s Day doing something calmer, while still being romantic. Prepare your room for a day without getting out of bed: food nearby, check-ins at the bureau, your favorite books, and of course, some sexy accessories nearby.

38. New to your city

You have probably heard that outsiders always know the city better than the locals themselves. Prove otherwise and discover every corner of the city; be tourists from your own home.

39. Visit a vineyard

Wine fans cannot leave the opportunity for another occasion. The vineyards are extremely romantic locations and will enjoy good wine insured. Also, contrary to what everyone thinks, there are very fun and unique activities that you would never imagine that you can live in a vineyard.

40. Fondue night

He usually imagines something boring and unromantic, but if you think about it the opposite is true. Cheese fondue + chocolate fondue + bread and fruit + a campfire + you and your partner. The result will be more than perfect.

41. Bowling

Let out your most competitive side and put together a bowling tournament. Eat pizza, order snacks, and even drinks, have fun as children, and have a memorable date.

42. Ski-in water

Extreme sports lovers? Move to a nearby lake, it can be Valle de Bravo, Tequesquitengo, or even the Acapulco lagoon and practice your favorite water sports. In addition to a good dose of sun, they will have hours of fun.

43. Books and coffee

Let yourself get lost among the shelves of your favorite bookstore and have an incredible literary appointment. Many of them offer cafeteria service and allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks, in some of them you can even have a glass of wine. All this, immersed in the warm aura of books.

44. Botanical garden

Although it may sound like one of the activities that your aunt would invite you to, they will be surprised at how magical these places can be. They will be captivated by all the charm of nature and will feel transported to other places.

45. Go-karts

Free the racer from the frustrated races inside and whether they compete, or share a stroller for the two of you, have fun like their kids once again.

46. ​​Double date

Surely they have a couple of friends with whom they love to go out and have a good time, why not multiply the fun of the night by two and have a double date?

47. Back to your hometown

If either of you is from outside, take a trip to your hometown. However, if it is about you, show him all your favorite corners, the places where you grew up and all those spaces that marked you. But, if on the contrary, you are the visitor, ask him to give you the complete tour. This will make them feel much more connected and have a better understanding of your partner.

48. Eating at Food Trucks

If you are a couple of foodies, find the closest park or food truck area. Ask for something in each of them and share it!

49. Eating in a gastronomic collective

We insist, if the food drives them crazy, they must pamper themselves. Attend a gastronomic group like Mercado Roma or Mercado del Carmen and enjoy the multiple options that these places can offer you.

50. Turibus

The bus offers multiple routes, from the classic that takes you through the emblematic points of the city to the bars and canteens tour. Choose the one that best suits your mood and what you are looking for at that moment and get going.

Final Words

Sometimes the best way to connect is to disconnect. Escape to a cabin in the woods, to a hotel in the desert or just shut yourself up at home and turn off all devices that communicate with the outside. Give yourself 48 hours dedicated to yourselves and nobody else. Try these dating ideas for couples to enjoy your life and create beautiful memories with your soulmate.

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Love phrases For Soul Mate Or Spouse




Are you looking for love phrases? Love is the best medicine, lovers are always happy, they live happily, they see the positive side of life. And all this because they have another person at their side. If you have a partner, you are in love with her and you want to show her how much you love her to keep the flame of love alive, or if there is a person you like and want to make her fall in love, a great choice is to dedicate phrases of love to her. A phrase of love is a double-edged sword to enter the heart of that boy or that girl, and here, we have prepared the most complete list for each type of person and each moment.

First of all, we want to recommend that you do not write these sentences to them only on Facebook or WhatsApp, make them up to declare your love originally and beautifully. Stick a note on your smartphone’s case, leave it on your window frame, or insert it in a book. At we present you with the best short and beautiful love phrases unforgettable love messages to fall in love with!

Beautiful love phrases

We start with some of our favorite pretty love phrases; phrases of love for your boyfriend, for your girlfriend or phrases of love for that special person that you can not get out of your head dedicate these messages of love, and conquer her!

Last night I looked up at the sky and started giving each star a reason why I love you so much. I lacked stars.

I wish I could talk to you, I wish I could smile at you, I wish I could hug you, but most of all I wish I could kiss you.

Your imperfections make you the perfect woman.

Give me the time you have left, and I will spend it making you the happiest person on the planet.

I adore you as if you were a Saint of my religion as if I followed my path to the sound of your heart.

I have written a lot of romantic novels on paper, but always in my heart is my forever love for you, the most beautiful and faithful.

The love poems are perfect to devote to that special person in your life. With sweet words, you will make her feel very loved and see how important she is to you. Which of these messages of love do you keep?

I cut an orange in half and she just moved towards your home, looking for you, because she knows that there is my other half orange.

Your eyes are like two moons, and I always wanted to travel to the moon, now I understand my desire to be an astronaut.

To discover some of the best love verses of all time, don’t miss Eduardo Galeano’s best phrases, one of the most important poets and writers of the last decades.

Can you refill the love glass for me, please? I am thirsty to love her.

If this square were a field and people were pink, as I love you madly, I would choose you, for being the most beautiful.

Your name may not be Alice, but you are wonderful.

I wouldn’t change a minute yesterday with you for a hundred years of life without you.

Phrases of love – I would not change a minute yesterday with you for a hundred years of life without you.
I will be a thief of minutes to spend more time with you.

This is one of the most romantic love phrases on the list, as it reveals that lovers’ true desire is as simple as having more time to be together.

If you want to discover similar phrases of love, do not miss this article from +120 Phrases by Mario Benedetti, one of the most romantic poets and writers of recent years. You will fall in love!

Eyes that I will never tire of looking at, lips that I will always want to kiss, but best of all, a heart that I will never stop loving.

With my legs I walk, with my nose I breathe, with my head I think and with my heart, I say “I love you” with all my love.

If someday I cannot look at you, for me it will be a dark day, because you are my only sun, the one that illuminates me, my love.

If you like these phrases, you can not miss our selection of ideal short love poems to dedicate to your partner or to that person that interests you so much. They are sincere, beautiful, and romantic verses that will enchant you and allow you to create your messages of love.

You are not a real human, because humans are not always perfect.

A real painter came down from heaven to paint your entire figure but could not found color for your beauty.

It is beautiful to contemplate the sea from the sky, but it is even more beautiful to caress your mouth with a kiss.

You are a really beautiful landscape with which I always want to delight forever, your beautiful eyes like flowers, your attractive face like a meadow, and your awesome mouth like a sea.

That whitish and brilliant face, those eyes that caress me looking at me, those fingers that brush against me at dawn and that love that fills me inside.

Never before has a love like that I feel for you been seen; it does not fit in my heart, nor this universe.

The eternal and unconditional love is the most beautiful feeling, so you must contact, you learn to be honest with your feelings, and share what you feel.

Short phrases of love

What is promised is debt, so if you are looking for short meaningful love phrases that inspire you to create your love messages, these options will delight you.

Legend has it that from your bed you can travel to the top of the sky.

The destiny of our lips is to meet, why lengthen it more?
A happy castaway would be if your mouth were the sea and I was a sailor adrift.

God got into debt with me, and that’s why he brought me to you.

I hallucinate with technology, that even a hottie like you is capable of speaking.

Last night I asked an angel to come to protect you while you were sleeping. After a while, she came back and I asked her why she had come back. “An angel does not need another to protect him,” he replied.

Phrases of love – Last night I asked an angel to come and protect you while you slept. After a while, she came back and I asked her why she had come back. “An angel does not need another to protect him,” he replied.
The most beautiful thing is that you are not aware of how beautiful you are and that innocence is what most makes me fall in love with you.

When we were introduced, I took a needle and dropped it in the middle of the sea, and when someone finds it I will never love you again.

Light does not exist if you do not enlighten me with your presence.

I don’t care if the hours, the days and the years go by; all I want is for all that time I spend to be by your side, princess.

You are the star of this universe.

I love you always like the clear water of an ocean, sometimes very calm, sometimes with full intensity.

There is water in the seas and oceans, but the love that I want to give you is fire.

Yesterday was a dark day because I went looking for you and I couldn’t find you.

I want the distance between us to be so short that it forces us to kiss.

You have more style walking than pink panther smoking.

I am afraid of waking up one morning and that you are no longer on the other side of the bed.

Phrases of love – I am afraid of waking up one morning and that you are no longer on the other side of the bed.
There are many beautiful women in this world, but I only love you.

If I could wake up every morning looking at you and smelling you, my life would be perfect.

Please do not delete this message, as it is written in the ink of my blood, on the parchment of my heart.

You illuminate me with your beauty, that’s why even at night I need sunglasses.

When I look at the stars, its light reminds me of the desire I have to cover every inch of your skin with my lips.

You are my fuel, the source of energy that keeps the flame of my illusion alive.

Last night I dreamed about you. We were a happy couple, we got together perfectly, you kissed me, I hugged you and we made love with tenderness and passion.

Beautiful phrases of love

Do you still want more messages of love to conquer that special person? If you have been wanting more, we continue with a selection of some of our love phrases to dedicate favorites.

Owners are the flowers of the prairies, the clouds of heaven, but you, my dear, are the owner of my feelings.

If after death I have not been able to confess what I feel for you, on my tombstone I will write about the love that lives within me.

Crossing a dark path I would not mind if I met your light at the end of the game.

Immersed in solitude with your gaze I crossed, and since then full of love I found myself.

A tulip without water lives a few days, but your love and mine, if united, will last a lifetime.

Today I have verified that the moon does not shine as much as your face, that’s why I live so in love.

Phrases of love – Today I have verified that the moon does not shine as much as your face, that’s why I live so in love.
Water flows down the river to the sea, and I flow so that your heart lets me in.

If you were the horizon and the sun, I would wait for the sunset every day to be able to unite the two of us.

Do not be afraid if I start to hear drums around, is that seeing you I can not hide my heartbeat.

Noah’s ark was filled with pairs of animals, but none loved each other as much as you and I loved each other.

When I dream of you, time flies by, but I’m used to it because I spend the day thinking about you.

Your gaze reveals our beautiful love story, your passionate kisses reveal our unbridled romance.

I had never believed that life could be so beautiful until you appeared and began to be part of it.

Like the sea without water, like a forest without trees, this is how I feel inside the days that I cannot speak to you.

Your mouth is like an empty glass that I want to fill with my best cocktail, passion.

One learns to love does not find the perfect person, but when one learns to believe in the perfection of an imperfect person.

Phrases of love – One learns to love does not find the perfect person, but when one learns to believe in the perfection of an imperfect person.

Short love phrases

Which of these love phrases best characterizes your relationship? If you want some personalized love messages, take some of these inspirational proposals.

I love you not only for how you are but for how I am when I am with you.

Phrases of love – I love you not only for how you are but for how I am when I am with you.
What do you study? Your heart, to know how to steal it.

I love you for the way you are, not for how you say you are.

Savor your lips little by little to melt me ​​with your kisses like a fool.

Before, my dilemma was that I had never seen perfection, but the day I saw you I found the solution.

Having you close and not hugging you is like eating macaroni without cheese gratin.

The day I stop loving you it will be because there is another person who loves you more than me.

Those tender lips have to delight with each kiss you give. Can I try?

I fancy you as much as a pepperoni pizza.

Water can no longer quench my thirst; Only a kiss from you can do it because I am in love at your mercy.

Are your eyes on fire? It is that your look dazzles me.

Angel of my soul, light me with your aura to guide me on the right path and give you all my love.

Although this smile is mine, you are always the reason why I beautifully smile.

Phrases of love – Although the smile is mine, you are the reason why I smile.
It is impossible to lie about love.

If your mouth doesn’t confess it, your heart or your breathing will.

Years ago you were the love of my mind, today you are the one in front of me.

Many in this world will consider you one more person, but for me, you are the most important thing in this world, you are my world.

All I want is for you to come down from the sky every morning and wake me up with a kiss.

Love phrases for WhatsApp

If you are looking for the best love phrases for WhatsApp, you may want to take a look at these Love Hints too, as nothing hints at a feeling like a good hint.

If you love someone, all you want for him is his happiness, even if you can’t give it to him.

Phrases of love – If you want someone, all you want for him is his happiness, even if you can’t give it to him.
My heart is going to organize a meeting, and it has only invited you.

I love you more than fish in the water.

All I ever always wanted my love was to see you smile.

What is my favorite book? The one I’m writing with all our conversations.

See what things, that I ran into both loves and you.

You make me fat with so much sweetness.

You want your caresses on my skin, I want to fill myself with happiness when looking at you, I want to tell you that I will always love you, I want you …

If I spent studying all the time I spend thinking about you, my notes would be full of honor plates.

Blue is beautiful, so it is red, but there is nothing more beautiful than the color of your eyes.

I can’t take it anymore if I don’t tell you, I explode: YOU ARE THE HAPPIEST PERSON WHO MAKES ME IN THIS WORLD.

Just look at you to make me invincible.

Phrases of love – Just look at you to make me invincible.
Whoever was a songwriter to write you a song, but since I’m not, I dedicate my whole heart to you.

Our love is a record, it is infinitely perfect.

How does it feel to be the most beautiful lady in the galaxy?

Who was your favorite song to spend the day in your thoughts?

Some people want to eat the world, others want power over the people, but I only want to make a little hole in your heart.

Famous phrases of love

We come to the end of our article of short and beautiful love phrases to fall in love with some quotes said throughout history by the most influential romantic philosophers, writers, and artists, choose your favorite love messages and dedicate them!

I wish you would kiss me until I was breathless. Lose consciousness, touch the sky with you

Phrases of love – I would like you to kiss me until I was breathless. Lose consciousness, touch the sky with you
Love is the cause of diversity on our planet. In addition to a feeling, it gives them the seed of everything that has been created.

A flower is the purest metaphor for a woman’s beauty, but you, my dear, are too beautiful for all flowers.

True love does not arise when we meet someone perfect, but when we see perfection in someone imperfect.

Do not wait for the perfect moment to act, choose any moment, and make it perfect.

Look at the rushing river after it rained, because that’s how my tears flowed when you told me it wasn’t reciprocated.

I would give my life for a drop of your sweetness, I would give my soul for being able to love you one night.

Love is like fires, it is easier to see the smoke from the outside than if you are burning inside.

I wish I died if I had to pay with my life to see you.

I would sink if your lips were the sea so that I could drown in your mouth.

Phrases of love – I would sink if your lips were the sea so that in your mouth I could drown.
We never really fell in love with a person, but with the image, we make in our heads of that person.

Some men are born to love only one woman. And what a shame, because it is very difficult to come across it.

Love is based on chance, so keep an open heart, because when you least expect it, your better half will appear.

Purify your heart before falling in love again, as even the most beautiful story is clouded with a dirty past.

Who was your brain to investigate your thoughts, and discover if you feel for me what I feel for you?

25 years ago a star to earth fell. Happy Birthday my love!

You are my cute plush, my piece of heaven, my other me, never forget how much I love you.

If your heart were a prison and my love for you a chain, you don’t know how happy my sentence would make me serve.

The external appearance may capture your interest, but only its interior will fill your heart.

“I love you” in English, “Ti Amo” in Italian, but how much I love you I tell you in Spanish.

Phrases of love for my boyfriend

Do you want to remind your boyfriend of everything he means to you? Would you like to have a romantic gesture and do not know where to start? Of course, write down one of these love messages and personalize them to your liking …

Leave a space in your heart to live the most beautiful love story of your whole life.

Phrases of love – Leave a space in your heart to live the most beautiful love story of your life.
I will come across fantastic experiences and wonderful moments, but no matter how good they are, in my head, I will have your eyes.

Who was a pilot to fly with you, but you can climb my heart and I will make you feel dizzy?

The pencil can be erased, a tower can collapse, but there is no true love that can separate a man and a woman.

My dear, I hope you never forget me, because otherwise, you will be killing me.

I don’t need a prince having you by my side.

I have never enjoyed the silences, but it is that with you they are a melody for my ears.

Weird sounds, looks, smiles, kisses, and hugs. That’s how you and I talk.

You are my prince charming, like me your princess, let this beautiful story be recorded for posterity.

My heart cries for loving you, my hands for caressing you, my mouth for kissing you.

Phrases of love for my girlfriend

If you want to impress your girlfriend to discover your most romantic side, do not hesitate to dedicate some of these phrases of love to her. You will find in this section quotes from romantic love poems and love messages that will make you smile … go for it!

That day when the stones come to life and the sun stops rising at dawn, that day I will not love you again.

A long career as a gardener and just today I find the most beautiful rose I have ever seen.

It was a sunny day when your gaze captivated me, your soul caught my heart and that’s when I knew what love was.

Every time you kiss me, a voice runs through me: it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I am not an architect, but thanks to you I have built a skyscraper of happiness.

Phrases of love – I am not an architect, but thanks to you I have built a skyscraper of happiness.
Your smile is enough for me, since seeing you smile is what motivates me every day.

I dedicate my life to you, it is the least I can do when you gave me your love.

How heavy I am, but I can’t help dedicating an “I love you” day after day, full of joy.

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