Best Android App for Call Forwarding For Free 2022

If you need to forward calls to other numbers, this app will come in handy. Instead of going to settings and going through the hassle of accessing the call forwarding system, use our programme and all calls will be sent to the target number with a single click.

Simply enter the needed number in the text field, and upon clicking the ‘Forward’ button, your call will be forwarded to that number, and you will be notified that call forwarding is enabled.

What is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding, also known as call diversion, is the practice of routing incoming calls from one number to another. By configuring call forwarding rules and kinds, you can ensure that callers are being responded to by someone else even if your call reps are unavailable.

Calls from your US clients to your US phone number, for example, can be answered at your Singapore-based business.


Benefits of call forwarding

Before we get into the specifics of call forwarding, it’s important to understand why it’s important for every organisation that makes calls in any capacity.

Improve customer service

Customer service is critical to the success of any organisation. It is critical to respond to enquiries, criticism, and complaints as soon as possible in order to keep customers delighted with your brand, goods, and services.

Your client satisfaction numbers are also heavily influenced by the speed with which you respond.

That being stated, never keep your prospects and consumers waiting for too long. Make it as easy as possible for them to contact you.

As a result, employ call forwarding to prevent such issues entirely.

If you are unavailable, use the call forwarding tool to route calls to your representatives.

Improve workflow

A well-designed workflow can assist to simplify routine corporate operations and avoid human error. As a result, organisations are increasingly turning to automation technologies to automate operations and boost productivity.

And one such automation that might assist in optimise your workflow is call forwarding.

Identify places in your organisation, department, or job scope where you might benefit from call forwarding.

Are you already on the phone? Avoid manually forwarding new incoming calls. Configure call forwarding.

Have you just gotten off work? Keep your work-life balance intact by forwarding incoming calls to a representative who is available to handle the call.

Is there a phone call from another country? They’ll enjoy chatting with someone who understands their language. Automatically route calls to regional customer service/sales representatives depending on country codes.

Reduce cost

Traditional phone lines may be rather costly. Consider the dreadful international call costs!

If your company has a global presence and employs overseas workers, you should seriously consider using Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) software to manage your communications.

You may use VoIP software to obtain a local virtual phone number to forward calls over the internet and avoid using traditional phone lines. This significantly reduces your expenditures!

Maintain international contact while avoiding international call expenses.

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