12 Amazing Shopping Hacks For AliExpress

12 Amazing Shopping Hacks For AliExpress

Do you have Aliexpress Shopping Hack? If not, then read this article and start using the Aliexpress Shopping Hack. Aliexpress is one of the most popular shopping sites in the world for those seeking to buy products from China at a discounted price. This article will cover 12 Amazing Aliexress Hacks that will save you time and money!

The Aliexpress Shopping Hacks covered in this article will save you time and money. Here are the 12 Aliexress Shopping Hacks:

– Do a quick search on Google for Aliexpress coupon codes before purchasing an item from Aliexpress.

– Turn off mobile notifications when browsing Aliexress so that it does not distract you.

– Use AliExpress’s built in translation feature to help learn about new products or get translations of Chinese words into English.

– When creating an order, use the “save as draft” button if you want to keep your cart without finalizing your purchase until later.

– Take advantage of free delivery by choosing slow shipping option (China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus).

– Aliexpress has a live chat feature where you can speak to an Alixsress representative and they will provide help in English.

– Aliexpress offers free shipping on orders over $60, so keep an eye out for items that add up to around this amount. You can also combine multiple Aliexpress Shopping Hacks together by combining the “save as draft” with the “free shipping” option!

– Ali express does not offer international returns or refunds, but it does allow shoppers to return products within 30 days of purchase if they are unsatisfied with their order. This is why it’s important when shopping online from China sites like Alixsress.

– Ali express offers expedited shipping (DHL or EMS) which you can order when checking out.


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